Removing a GU10 Bulb

Monday, 8 October 2012 15:45 by ranjanbanerji

How many men, engineers, women, etc does it take to replace a light bulb?  I have heard these jokes a billion times but recently learned that perhaps there is some substance to these jokes.  About 6 months ago I purchased a track light from Home Depot.  It takes 4 GU10 halogen bulbs that fit snuggly into the lamp holder.  Yesterday one of the bulbs burned out.  A bit too fast if you ask me but anyway that’s not what this post is about.  So I tried to get the bulb out but realized that I could not get a good grip on it and that no matter what I tried the bulb would just not move.

Now this is a bit of a problem if you have just one fixture that uses this bulb type.  Because you will most likely never remember how to put or more importantly how to remove a bulb of this type.  So now I have a bulb that fits snuggly into its holder flush with its opening so you cannot grip it and I have no idea whether this screws in, has pins, and how is it to be removed. 

Well removing a GU10 requires pushing it in a bit and then turning it counter clockwise.  You can see the pins of a GU10 in the picture below.


The GU10 socket looks like this:


So to get the bulb out I used one of those transparent rubber suction/vacuum cups you use to attach a hook to glass or some other smooth surface.  It doesn't have to stick to the bulb.  You just need to press it to the front of the bulb till you feel the bulb move back a bit then you gently twist the suction cup counter clockwise.  The rubber cup grips the glass quite well and you should be able to twist counter clockwise and easily remove the bulb.

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